Mebee ISO and C-TPAT Certified High Security Bolt Seals for Container, Railway, Trailer, Truck, and Wagon Door Latches (Model HSS-007, Yellow, Unique Barcodes ? TamperSeals)


  • ? [HIGHEST SECURITY BOLT SEAL]: Our HSS-007 series bolt seals feature a unique metal-on-metal interlocking mechanism — making it the highest security bolt seal on the market. These seals are C-TPAT compliant and meet the new design and construction standards of ISO 17712:2013, which provides improved security.
  • ? [10MM THICKER STEEL BOLT AND MORE DIFFICULT TO TAMPER WITH]: Unlike the majority of bolt seals (8mm steel bolt), HSS-007 is made of an all metal high-strength steel construction. The clip – the actual locking mechanism – is embedded in a groove in the metal bush, making the seals stronger and more difficult to tamper with.
  • ? [TRACK & TRACE FEATURES]: Unique correlative serial numbers with identical barcode engraved (not painted) on both parts provide traceability and greater security as it prevents parts substitution or replacement.
  • ? [ANTI-SPIN LOCKING MECHANISM]: Anti-spin feature provides additional resistance to tampering by friction attacks.
  • ? [MAXIMUM LOCKING DISTANCE]: A longer operational 2? length provides added clearance (and convenience) for bolt cutter access to cut the bolt for removal.

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